We started out with four or five characters to beginn with. Seeing that we wouldnt have time to create and animate all this characters we narowed it down to one.

As me and Eivind started developing the idea befor we put togheter the rest of our group we had some ideas of have the character should look like. So in the consept stage I had lot of input on hove he should look, when it came to finalising the character Frank did that and the result was pleasing.

Unfortunatly the animation didnt look as good as I had hoped, seeing that it didnt fit the character. He was supposed to be a litle kid wandring around have fun. Story boards and scripts sugested that he was skipping down the streets, right word for his intentional animation is "playfull".
So it was a bit sad to see that he ended upp walking about riggid and siff.

Texturing was a bit quick, since me and Mathias had to do that part. Usually the one creating the character does all the texturing aswell. But he ended up with a simple and innocent look.

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