Hi, our group had some problem midt stage in the project, things didnt go the way the we wanted them to.
So we sat down and discussed the options, after a few hours of discussion we ended upp going back to the starting point. It all stareted out with one kid in our story and we chose to back to it.

Right now im the "art director" of the project, and I`m "in charge" of how to style is. With me I have Mathias Haug, we`we been modelling the past week and are now starting with the texturing. So I sat down today and started looking at my moddels trying to figure out where to begin. I had to go back to the start, turns out I don`t know much about rendering in V-ray. So right now I`m searching the "world wide web" for tutorials on V-ray rendering. Lucky for me thers lot`s of people out there nice enough to post tutorials in it ;)

Personaly I feel the group was struggling for a bit, but after our new aproch where every one has got a more specific role in the group it`s easier to say "NO", it`s not supposed to look like that, "please" redo it :P

Her a test render of the church witch is one of our last scenes. Hoping for this to be a smashing scene when it`s done.

- janki -

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