When we had rendered out most of our frames and starded the post production we ran into a problem. Max had rendered out the .targe files corectly. The problem ocurred when we imported the files into Adobe Premier.

It seemed the sky was missing, going trough the files in photoshop all of them had the gradient sky they were supposed to have. So the first thing I did (since my renders were the only ones whith the sky present) was panicing. Sitting there with 20 something hours to deadline and the finding out that the 30 hours of rendring was for nothing.

What I did then was a simple and quick solution to the problem. I imported the files as a sequence to Adobe Aftereffects and started working.

Seeing that the sky is pitch black it is easy to mask out, what I didn`t know is that Aftereffects does most of this for you when the background is black.
So adding a sky as a new layer I, and setting the original footage as the top layer (important) the sky places itself nicely in the background. You can easily animate the background so it moves. Or you can find the spot for your shot if you have a static camera as in the scene below.
The end result is very pleasing, and this might be a solution in the future. Cause you can easily change out the background if it doesnt fit.
The image below is just en example, so I used a sky with a lot of contrast. This doesn`t really fit the scene with the kind of lighting that i used. So I want to use something that fits a bit better.
Delete the layer and add a new one, voilâ!
Seeing that it would be a lot of extra work to do all this in Aftereffects and then importing the files into Premier I pulled up Preimer and found that the same thing works her.

Put the sky you want in a video layer below the org. footage and it works just the same. You put the org. footage in video 1 and the sky in video 2. You can animate the sky her aswell.

So it was a simple and quick solution to a problem for our group, might help someone else :D


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