This days we are mostly rendering and trying to update my "Reflective Journal" to the standard it should be for me to pass this course. Not the easiest thing updating something daily when you work full time on a project.
But her I am, doing it all last minute ;)

The renders we have got so far is looking good and it should be sweet.  A bit worried about some of the animation in the film, the rig has been hard to work with but doable.  I was supposed to get a "floater" witch is the same as an independent contracter doing some of our work. But I was a bit late "hiring" him  so our group missed out in a good rigger there, my bad :/ The character was also rigged with Biped, witch is 3D studio max`s own rig. It`s a good rig with lots features. Unfortunaly they have been used to animate with, and then note been "polished"  by an animator.

Anyways, we`re on route towards the end goal, and hoping that it turns out the way we where hoping. Probably gonna sit at school all weekend babysitting the renders ;)

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