Making this film has thought me alot about group work and how one should set up a team.
(See earlier post about workflow and pipeline)

Me myself (and I) have understood more about what I need to do to make the group function better. I`m not the most structured person in this world (as mentioned more then once before).
So this is what I need to work with personaly, getting up in the morning, eating breakfast and having a cup of cofee. This makes the whole day better, you produce more and also work better.

The value of makeing a short film is a lot, you understand that to make a group work the group needs comunicate the best it can. It`s not something a group manager can shout out; "Now you all need to comunicate!". No, it`s something the group need to understand. So my suggestion is taking the first day or two of production getting to know eacother personaly and what skill level each of the members have.

I myself will probably not continue making short for my own sake, but as part of a team producing short comericals and similar things it might be interessting.

"The manager"

Now I know that a group/studio need a manager/producer that listens to you and understand your problem, but at the same time he need to say when enough is enough. If you don`t like the way the film is looking, you go to your manager and say so. He will say, nice thought, but it`s not what the "customer" whants, so do what I tell you to do.
Some one that knows what every member is working on and knows when he`s or her`s deadline is.


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