Thought I should write a little about the the group and my own work flow. Starting this project we didn't think to much about the work flow other then dividing assignments roughly. It didn't take much time to figure out that we had to specify the work more directly.
So me and Mathias Haug continued the way we started, modeling environment and textured all the scenes. Lot of our work was scraped mid through the proses due to a different approach on the film.
So we made the changes that need to bee done and the result is looking really good.

Frank was sett to modeling all the characters in the film, when we remade the film we where down to one character.
Bjørn started modeling an important assets of the film, witch is the crow. He made a complicated rig, and therefor he had to animate it himself. But the end result is superb.
Eivind and me did most of the planning, I resigned mid trough the proses due to all the modeling that we had to do. He has also been the lead animator of the group since that is his strong side.

My own work flow has been variable, should probably finish one scene completely before starting on a new one. Worked on multiple scenes at one time, we got a lot of models going quick but I`m sure it would be quicker to take one scene at the time.

  The pipeline of the group was redone mid trough the film ass i said, and I´m glad it was. It`s much better to divide responsibilities this way. Mathias and me has been answering to each other, and making sure the group isn't unsattisfied with the result. This way we decided the style of the film(art directores) witch is a great jobb.

So for my next project this pipeline will definitely be incorporated.


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