"I would like a tablett this christmas"

Added the Camaro below in photoshop and did some work on it. It`s all there for you in my reflective journal.

Did find out it`s pretty hard trying to draw new and refined lines in photoshop with a mouse. So what`s on the topp of my wish list? A vacuum cleaner! Doh, really need a vauum in my new house, sooooo.... Anyways, a tablet is almost at the top of my list ;)


Did some hand drawings that came out fairly nice ;) Found some awesome tutorials on how to draw cars, spendt some hours last night and continued today, This is the third car, and I think it looks nice.

The perspective was a bit of on the first two but got better on this <------ one.

Bought myself a house!

Aight, there`s been a lot going on lately. Today I bought myself a house :P So it`s gona be lots of stuff happening. Got myself a job as well, starting in about a week and moving at the same time. Finalizing the “buy” on Tuesday, so I need to start packing. Should be lots of fun and even more stress.

Guess I’ll have to 3D model my house sometime soon ;)

 There’s a lot that needs to be done with the house, but it’ll just be fun =D And one of my best friends are probably moving in with me, a bit too much house just for me.

Cleaning up and redoing the website

It`s been on my agenda for some time now to alter the style and look of my website. Should buy my own domain soon, but I`ll stick to weebly for now.

Lot`s of things to do latly, got a new job, unfortunatly not in the 3D business but I need the money I can get. Australia seems to be postponed for the time being :/ But I`ll get ther.

Stay tuned for updates the next few weeks =D

 - Turned my reflectiv journal into a "blog", now it`s got comment features. Feel free to comment =D
          - new WIP (work in progress)
 - New updates in the "portfolio" section =)

Two years @ Noroff Oslo has come to an end....

Feels like I started a couple of months ago :/ I have to thank my teacher(s) Paul Bettinson, Andreas Kroff and  all my class mates!
I`we had a grate time the past two years, with lots of gaming and even more work. Seeing it`s sad to leave Noroff it`s also nice to get going on personl projects and planing the near future. Hopefully I`m going to Australia to finish my bachelor in January XD

Janki Design

My personal website is now upp and running. It will be updated from time to time with new porfolio work and WIP (work in progress) stuff in the "Reflective Journal" post.

Contact me for more information.


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