Not very inspired lately, guess I`m looking forward to moving into my new house ;) I was really inspired a few weeks ago, started on a new viz project and was really looking forward to working on it. Then I bought the house and everything was lost in "transistion".

Thought I`d make some headers and background pictures for my computer and the site.
It`s also time to contact the local real estate firms and offer them my 3D viz skills. I`m hoping that some of them would be interested in some simple 3D visualizations, that at can do on my time off from work. At the same time I`m working on a new game with two of my friends, it`s stopped up a little bit lately but we will be working harder next year I guess.

Here`s my latest render, a simple background for my computer and alse the new header for the “about” category. Enjoy =)


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