WIP Lighthouse Displacement Map


Put the Displacemtn project away for awhile, just recently I dusted it of and brought it back. With good help from Adrian I got the water looking mutch better and the displacement got some improvement.

Water seems more realistic now, might need some foam around the edge of the tower base. And I feel that the waves looks to "random"? Waves seems to be going in random directions? :S

The displacement map still needs a whole lot of work, it`s got random dents sticking out :/

The sky is still "boring" and blu, might need some skies and stuff?? Alltough the gradient is good for now =D

WIP Displacement Map


A test project, trying to get to know V-ray from A to around G :P Gamma 2,2 does a whole lot to the picture :D As well as getting to know V-ray I`m trying to get the Displacement Maps to work properly. It`s hard around sharp edges where the texture change.

The Test Renders are kinda sweet, having some problem with the water :/ Thinking about trying out realflow, that would be sweet :D

But for now this is allright.


Summer seems to be over :/

Fall is approaching, it`s getting colder and I`m getting more time with the computer again. I`we started alot of new projects, not gonna finish most of them :P Feels like I`we started 3-4 new projects each day, I`l upload some of the test renders soon :D



It`s summer! "Gone Movie" Production will be going for a while longer. Probably closing it down after this summer.

I`l try to work on my portfolio this summer and have a "summer" job at the same time :P But the sun is smiling and shining at the moment so it`s hard to sit down at the computer working atm :P



At school Monday, me and Eivind Lie started talking about a film. It was an idea that he came up with as a we where sitting there brainstorming and talking about what we wanted to do.

Story seemed interesting and had a lot of potential. We ended up using the rest of the day to brainstorm around it and the "end result" was amazing. Pitched it for our teacher and he loved it. So now we are trying to form a group!

Her is a link to a film that has the style we would like the film to have: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g-cFHeoXAw8

And her`s a simple "ident" test...


I`l try to scann the consepts today and post them later this morning.


Newest assignment was to come up with 2 ideas for our upcoming project. I`we had one of them in mind for a long time and discussed it with some class mates. The other is more loose and not that detailed yet.
We where to brainstorm around our idea and come up with a pitch that we could "sell" to our classmates and hopefully others.

My first idea is about an alien;

The look:

I want a simple and cartoon`ish  look to the movie, pixar style is always awesome. It will be a  funny and cute story about an alien that thinks he`s the most gruesome thing in world. Only to find out his just a small part of the puzzle.

He is the best "warrior" from a distant planet, sent out on a mission by he`s people to conquer a new planet for them to colonize. He fly`s true space and soon reaches he goal "earth".
He crashes in a window and lands inside a house.

He`s weapon is a "shrinker", it can shrink anything and runs on batteries. This is how he has killed all his enemies on his own size, by shrinking them down and stumping(?) on them.
As he recovers from he`s crash landing he jumps out of he`s spaceship, only to find out that every thing is bigger then he could ever imagine. He is about the size of a 0,5 l coca cola bottle, so our world seems pretty big to him.

He encounters a human after awhile and starts shrinking him/her, but runs out of batteries when the human is about his own size.

He then realizes that he is out matched and would like to go home againe. The human wants back it`s original size. They both struggle to get what they want. 

It would be awesome to have him crashing into the white house and shrinking the president, and the would play "cat and mouse"  for a while.
The ending is open for now, not sure how I want it to end really, the president staying small forever would be cool. :P

I`we got a lot of concept to this film, but no scanner at the moment. So I`l post that as soon as possible.

Idea Nr.2

The standard struggle between good and evil, have some concept for this but no scanner or good story around it yet.

Will post more about this one soon.

Bad guy good guy:

Bad guy, very powerfull. Ilutions
    Has a co-conspirator
    Trying to destroy the world
    Manga style, on characters, but still "realistic"

    Effects, colours   

Good guy, very powerfull, has a dark side that makes him stronger,
    Affraid of using his dark powers, consumes him.
    Want`s to save the world and all the people he loves bla bla!
As i satt thinking about this Ideas others came rolling in, so I`ll just post them to. Might be something fun to brainstorm in the classroom with some fresh imput from not so sleepy classmates.

Idea Nr.3

The Donkey

A donkey that wishes he could be like the horses on the farm. Big, strong, handsome and tall. He finds a way to turn into a horse and starts out his new life on the farm.

Only to wish he could become a donkey again.

Life as a working horse is hard, better to relax as a donkey.

Idea Nr.4

Innspired by "PONDUS"

A short animation film based on pondus "strips"

Not necessarily the same look, but the same kind of feel.

After Effects          02.11.09

Just been following After effects tutorials lately, awesome program with a bunch of possibility's :D Gotta start working on some of my 3D oblig`s soon, most of them are due 19. November... So got to finish them soon.

Her`s an After Effects test :D

Digital Acting 2         27.10.09


A simple and easy storyboard. Nothing we had to do, but it`s very nice when we are 3 people in our group.  If you read the description below the really nice drawing ;) you`l understand the point.

 Low max rig is a new and nice rigg we use alot. While biped is the standard max rigg witch has a lot of bugs (at least it used to).


Digital Acting 2        26.10.09

Yesterday we got a new assignment. We were divided into groups and had to read some chapters from the bok "Acting for animators". We chose one of the essential acting concepts and one sub-heading from either chapter 4 or 5.
My group got a god start, worked nicely together and got a good presentation.

Further more we are to animate 2 rigs of are choice and do a push and pull animation between them. It`s going to be a conflict between them.

We started that today, drew up a very simple storyboard and discussed with the group how we wanted this to look like. I`l post the story board and a simple explanation of our thoughts around it later.


The concept art 2 assignment is delivered =) Here is how I got to where I ended up.

As I said in an earlier post, I decided to go for Clyde from “Bonnie and Clyde”.  They where a gang in the early 30`s that robbed banks and smaller stores. They aren`t your typical gang, most people haven`t even heard about them. But everyone has heard about “Bonnie and Clyde”.

First I started thinking about making a Mafia dude, but figured it would be hard to find a fitting story to that. So I figured I would style up Clyde a bit, he usually used suits, so I just gave him a more stylized one, a scarf and a nice looking mafia hat.

It took a lot of sketching  before I figured out what I wanted him to “look” like. The assignment wasn`t to copy a know person pre-1960, but base the story on one.
So I figured it wouldn`t be a problem if I “pimped” Clyde a bit =)


The plot:

 Bonnie Parker (October 1, 1910 – May 23, 1934) and Clyde Barrow (March 24, 1909 – May 23, 1934) were well known outlaws, robbers, and criminals who, with their gang, traveled the Central United States during the Great Depression Their exploits were known nationwide. They captured the attention of the American press and its readership during what is sometimes referred to as the “public enemy era” 1931 and 1934. Though known today for his dozen-or-so bank robberies, Barrow in fact preferred to rob small stores or rural gas stations. The gang is believed to have killed at least nine police officers and committed several civilian murders. They were eventually ambushed and killed in Louisiana by law officers.

Believed at the time to be a full participant in the gang's crimes, Parker's role has since been a source of controversy. While gang members W.D.Jones and Ralph Fults said they never saw her fire a gun and described her role as logistical, Jones also told investigators that she had fired a pistol at officers "two or three times" when he was deposed under arrest in 1933. By 1968, his recollection was that "during the five big gun battles I was with them, she never fired a gun. But I'll say she was a hell of a loader." Youngest Barrow sister Marie made the same claim: "Bonnie never fired a shot. She just followed my brother no matter where he went." Parker's reputation as a cigar-smoking gun moll grew out of a gag snapshot found by police and released to the press; while she did chain smoke Camel cigarettes, she was not a cigar smoker.

Author Jeff Guinn, in his 2009 book Go Down Together: The True, Untold Story of Bonnie and Clyde, explains their appeal: "Although Clyde and Bonnie were never criminal masterminds or even particularly competent crooks — their two year crime spree was as much a reign of error as terror — the media made them seem like they were, and that was enough to turn them into icons.... Barrow Gang fans liked the idea of colorful young rebels sticking it to bankers and cops. Clyde and Bonnie were even better than actors like Jimmy Cagney who committed crimes onscreen, because they were doing it for real."

So I asked Dr.Google as I usually do, and he came upp whit a lot of nice pictures for me. Found a lot of pictures from the real Clyde, and some from the films that`s been made over the years.

Researched his hat and shoes, as well as a gun I wanted to model, unfortunately I never got the time to do it. Stressed a lot with the drawing, not the best drawer, but I still want a good result.

So it took a lot of sketching and doodling to get to where I ended up. Will post them later, need to scan them in first.
The final image of Clyde is bellow, and I`m more or less satisfied with the result. This was my first time coloring in Photoshop, but it worked out well. 


Drawing Day          23.10.09


Today is drawing day, so yesterday I figured I would draw something for today. Sat on the train going home and started drawing the things flying by. Wasnt easy when I bearly got a look at the things flying by. Some god some bad. The point is not to draw amazing drawings but to draw better and understand how light and shadows appear.

I`we been drawing since we started school, but not that god at posting on my blog ;) Will be now thou :D


Concept Art      19.10.09

We got a new assignment last week, but I forgot to post some update on it :P

The assignment is to create a character concept art. Draw the character and some of his accessories as well
as his/her environments. We have to make 3 of his accessories in 3D, we can choose 2 our self but we have to
make his shoes.
Our character has to bee pre 1960`s, and from some sort of gang.

I went with Clyde, from "Bonnie and Clyde". They had a smell little gang that robed banks.
Googled Clyde, found a bunch of pictures and saw that he mostly used a suit. So I`m giving him a mafia style and
thinking about making a gun and a rifle for him.

That`s it for now, working on how I`m going to pose him and what he`s going to look like :D


Pose and act          19.10.09

Today`s assignment was to pose a rigg/character in two opposite poses. Got about an hour to finish them before we where going too discuss our poses in groups and figure out what we could do better.
Asked Dr.Google for some references and he came up with a few good ideas.

I chose too pose happy and sad. I`m not satisfied with the sad pose, I don`t feel that it screams SAD! The happy pose is a bit better, there`s no problem understanding that the guy`s happy ;)

We where also going to consider the flow lines of the character,  didn't  get the flow lines too flow the way I wanted too. Sad pose is okay, but the happy pose has some weird lines :P

*Flow lines: It is a imaginary line through the characters body that shows the primary force of a pose. Indicating direction and energy (kinetic or stored) of the characters pose. Flow lines are simple used to guide the viewers eye. Like in any painting of complex scene. All parts of the character should work together to create a visual flow for the viewers  eye to follow.


Press the pictures to see GIF animation
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File Size: 82 kb
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Download File

Storytelling Poses

Newest assignment; Pick out the keyframes.

We where to study a GIF animation and determine the keyframes. In other words, the pictures that tell the story.

1. What information helps you know about the key frame poses?
2. Why do you think your chosen keyframes in "The Little Wolf" sequence are corraq1ect?
 - I chose these keyframes because I think they are the extrem poses, and you would be able to understand what happens in between.

3. Is the collection of images below in the correct sequential order?
 - The images is not in the right order, they are a bit mixed upp, but still tell the same story.

Review of short film clips

I got a few film clips/shorts that I am going to review. Hers the videos, and I`l be back tomorow with my opinions =)

Cafe Serre; Really like this kind of animation. The wh

The Way Here              3/09-09

A litle bit about me and how I ended upp studying 3D. Never did much 3D befor I graduated high school, haden`t really figuered out what I wanted to do, so imrpoved some of my grades the next year. Figured out it was time to descide where I was going, so satt down and whent trough my possibilities. My sister pointed me in the direction of 3D and said I should check it out. Downloaded 3D software, spent a few days doing basic stuff and aplyed to Noroff a couple of days later.

After one year with basic 3D i think I have a more specific "dream". Whant to do CGI, VFX, something in that direction. Don`t think I`m the type thats going to animate childrens 3D films, but you never know.

My inspiration; Mainly Science fiction films, Star Wars, Transformers, LOTR, X-Men, Matrix, Underworld,  and lots of others. Movies with an "okay" plot and loads of VFX does the ting ;)
Also a very big fan of Anime, specially Studio Ghibli, they make a lot of awesome anime films.

Feel very "inspired" bu Digital Domain (www.digitaldomain.com) altough I don`t do that kind of 3D yet, it`s the dream.

Mainly using 3DS max (would love to explore maya, but for now)
 -Fume (learning my way around)
 -KY trail (learning my way around)
 -RayFire (learning my way around)

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Premier

That`s a short summary about me, my 3D skills are getting better every day, I`m just gona keep on working.
Main goal this semester is to have a 15-20 sec long preview of my work, loocking forward to that. Might make som cool effects and put them all together :D


Blog                                2/09-09

The update`s site will work as my blog. This blog will contain updates on my school projects, personal project, posibly work related projects and my bad english.
Weebly and I r starting to bekome friends, still not on the same level. Atleast I`m trying!

Litle note about myself; studied Almen on high school, standard education. Sat in the back of all my classes where I drew and dreamt about other things. Found out i wanted to test out 3D after that. Started a litle bit on my own befor I atended Noroff Instituttet in Oslo, afraid I`m adicted now.

Right now school is back on my schedule (finally), so I`l try to update this site with loads of 3D stuff.

3D Design and Animation