We delivered our project on time Tuesday 15, and it was sweet :D

So we partyed one night and then I when home to slave for my father :P I`we been doing the finishing touces on his bot the past few days and it`s ready :D
My computer is back up and running, it was the mother board that was fried, so komplett.no did a great job in a few days and delivered it back to me :D

Going back to Oslo tomorrow for "Diamond Awards" and then back to Kragerø on Saturday for the anuall summer party with good friends :D

Looking forward to a nice weekend, even though I`l have to write lots of reports and stuff for the film.

Updating like a maniac on the "GONE" movie production blog, feel free to read some :D

Summer in Kragerø, beautifull litle city south in Norway.

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