Hey! A little update about whats going on now a days.

I`we moved out of my old apartment the last few days, still some stuff I need to bring with me. So now I`m crashing in my sister and brother in law`s sweet "crib" ;)

So I`we got a lot more space and time for myself, I`m even able to update my blog now and then. Trying to finalize the last project @ school, doing renders around the clock! Going to school now to start more renders and babysit them, ooooo the joy!

My "super computer" is now sent back to komplett, hopefully they will fix it quick and cost free ;)

Start of June now, summer is definitely her!!! It`s fu**ing awesome, just waiting to get my last paycheck from Meny and fill the fridge with beeeeeeeer!!! And yea, I quite my job. (did I spell that right?) Moving home to Porsgrunn @ the end of June, time to find a new job and hopefully start freelancing a little bit! Build some portfolio stuff!

So long! Enjoy the summer!


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