Who is our films audience?

This is something I haven`t given much thought. First if all this film is being produced so me and my group members learn how to work in a studio and finding my place in a production.

But thinking about it, this film is for everyone. It`s not pg 13, it`s suitable for all viewers.

Where someone would watch our film is a different thing, the main source of broadcasting for this type of film is the internett. It has become the most valuable marketing place for everyone that whants to get something further then the local mail can bring it.

There`s probably one group that`s out of reach for now, the old generation. They grew up finding the televison fancy and inovative. While my generation and some generations before me can`t go many days without logging in to a computer and "surfing" the internett.

Channels like Youtube and Facebook is a free broadcasting network for everyone with acess to the internett (1,802,330,457). Starting the markething by spamming your friends on facebook and email you are allready reaching 400-500 people. Since we are 5 group members that`s 2500 (give or take).
If they like it they will refere it to other friends and the curve her is exponential!

Youtube is abit more of a chance, you need to get your friends to rate it good and watch it many times. The more your film is watched the more "free advertisment" you get from youtube.

Well, I`l start spamming then!



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