Seeing how our group worked in production I think we should haev planned things a bit differently. The fact that we didn`t really map out every ones skill the way I think we should.

Some of our midd way changes helped alot, but there were still people being assigned to the wrong assignments.
We categoriesd things abit, and divided people. As an example I`l use me and Mathias, we were assigned to enviroment, texturing and lighting. This worked very well, we made some base models with the primary style. Divided up the scenes we had to make and started producing. Not to good on the deadlines, since we didn`t set any at the start. Seeing it a bit later we sat deadlines for when a scene needed to be done modeled, then we sat a new one for when it needed to be done texturing.

I know the rest of the group worked in mostly the same way, but we didn`t comunicate well enough throug the different categories. Me and Mathias knew exactley what we had done and what needed to be done. What we didn`t know was what the rest of our group were doing specificly.

Writing about it now I see what a group shouldn`t do, and that`s another lesson learned. ;)


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