My daily routine: I`m not the kind of person that`s in our studio before opening hours. I`m the one that stays until security kicks me out. Luckily my group is very much like me this way.

My strength in 3D lies withing modeling environment and post production. I am no animator or rigger, I know how to animated, luckily theres people in this world doing better then me.

My plan with this education is (hopefully) becoming an VFX artist and art director. Looking at work from artist like Marek Denko and Peter Sanitra from NoEmotion studio is trully inspiring. www.noemotion.net
They both started working as freelancers but soon found out that they could do even better together. So they started noemotion studio.

They do every thing from 3D stills to Visual FX on real life footage, and they do it beautifully!

So if I am where they are some day I´l bee satisfied ;)


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