Some say a story is never finished and I totaly agree with them!

It doesent mather if the film is completed exactly the way the storyboard was drawn or the prewiz. Ther`s allways more ideas floating during production, unfortunaly some of them are scrapt during the prosess.
Some would fit right in and make the whole story much better, unfortunatly the studoi havent got endless time and resourcess. (Might just be a good thing ;)

For our group this is very spot on, it didn`t happen the way I described above, this is our own fault. We didn`t get the production flowing the way it should in the start and ended up cuting much of the movie. I`m afraid this maid the point a bit harder to understant, but It`s still there ;)

Seeing big studio movies like LOTR(Lord of the rings);
The idea was there, much bigger then the film. But it`s not allways necessary to implement everything to make the audience understand. J.R Tolkien wrote thousands of pages about Middl-earth and Midgard, but Peter Jackson took the key happenings and elements of the film and brought them to life.

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