How do I spend my time besides siting at school working on the animation film. Well, I have a part time jobb at a grocery store were I work about once or twice a week. Working in the registre there is`nt very inspiring. When I go to work I usually turn my brain of when I clock in and turn it back on when I clock out.

It`s all about handling unhappy customers, and I`de rather save my energy for creative work in the studio.
If you have a job that doesen`t require  you to be happy and understanding to all the shit pissed of customers complain about everyday it you might get some creative work going.

When it comes to time, it`s all about using it the best way you can. Getting up early and going to the studio after a good breakfast might be the best way to do it. I`m a "nightowl" and tend to stay up  late at night, not the smartest and most efficient way to work.

But a project should allways have the time to be completed while all group members working eight hours a day (08.00 -16.00) if thers no major settback in production. The problem is that you seem to have endless time when you start the project and don`t use the time you have in the start in a smart way.
That`s why most people end up doing all nighters the last weeks befor delivery. The group might get the same amount of time spendt on the project, but your brain doesent function aswell after 20 hours of work.

At the start of our prooject we satt upp a weekly time budget, we did a daily one aswell. Problem was that we didn`t sett and follow deadlines the way we should have.

So lesson learnd; make a detailed production plan with a time budget for every asset, and  most importantly do your studio work at the same time every day.

- Janki-

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