So this is going 2 be my blogg, doubt I`l update this often, I`we got enough with the "Reflective Journal".

But I`l do my best. Right now I`m typing this on my brand new computer, it`a awesome!
i7 prosessor
XFX Radeon HD  5870  1GB GDDR5
ASUS P6TD Deluxe X58
and 6 GB memory for now. Lots of other things aswell, but this is what makes it awesome ;)

Also got a 24" LED screen, really whant 2 of that one, but that means buying a new desktop.... The screen`s big :P

Also started the finishing project at shcool. Really looking forward to working on this, I started brainstorming alitle bit with Eivind Lie. He had a nice story in mind, and we started discussing. Ended up with both of us loving it and wanting to produce it.
Put togheter a group, now we are a group of 5, aswell as a webstudent based on Island :P

So all in all we are 6, think the webstudent is gona work "part time", but any help we can get is good!
I`l put up the "pitch" of the story later.

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